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Thread: Upgraded bad PS3 HDD and system will not update?

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    nolimit06 Guest
    This is such bull, I know the warranty is expired because I bought it a year and a half ago... Sony really sucks and I will never buy from them again. Thanks anyway for the help...

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    severusx Guest
    They should cover the repair, just complain at them until they offer a remedy. It was their rushed buggy update that created your problem. Nothing was wrong with your PS3 before the update. If you don't have any further questions please choose an answer and close the thread, but feel free to post back in CFW/MFW with your result.

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    psychops3 Guest

    Wink [FIX]3.56 HDD upgrade fail

    Hi, I just fixed this problem with 3 ps3's this week and I decided to make a tutorial how to fix it.

    I-Phrases:- Yeah i'll make some phrases so i'll write better and faster

    3.56v1 = this gonna refer to the original 3.56 wich is bugged a little bit
    3.56v2 = this gonna refer to the FIXED 3.56 which is also called 3.56 version 2 and it is the re-release of 3.56

    mule = the ps3 that is ok
    offed = the corrupted ps3

    II-Requirements:- This is what you will need to do it

    2 PS3's = yeah two one that is the corrupted one and the other is ok
    a screwdriver = Duh....
    a flash memory atleast 1 GB

    III-Downloads:- this is the tricky part cuz you will need to be at least a member in this forum for the updates downloads

    1- download the 3.56 update (the one that don't have "Fixed" after it)
    2- put the update file on the flash drive in this directory X:\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP
    3- Swap hdds (replace the hdd in the mule with the one in the offed)
    4- plug the flash drive in the mule and install the update
    5- after installation verify that the system is working (on the mule)
    6- Swap hdds again(this time put them in the original ps3's)
    7- run the offed and if it still showing the same message try installing the update on the offed or press home button
    8- if it all worked go to system update and update (it will install the 3.56v2) to get it safe
    9- enjoy and remember after i am an a member i'll make hacks and jailbreaks

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    severusx Guest
    How does swapping the HD help you? Turning on a PS3 with another's HD is only going to take you to the HD recovery/format menu, not the XMB. So I'm not sure how you would get this to work, please clarify.

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    nolimit06 Guest
    Exactly, besides I don't have two PS3's so this is not a option either. I sent Sony a email so we will see what comes of it... Thanks again everyone!

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    daveshooter Guest
    I have not done this myself, but I know you can update from CD, have you looked it to trying it that way? Hope this may help.

    I forgot to add, the reason I thought this was, because you are unable to use the new hard drive is it likely the is a bug that affects the usb drives or hub as well ? going on the assumption Sony are trying to strap down the usb ports unlike the bdvd.

    just a thought.

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    nolimit06 Guest
    I will give that a try and let you know how it goes.

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