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    [UnAnswered] Upgraded to 1.54 and now it shutsdown itself

    Basically the problem is that. When i insert a DVD it shutdowns it self. Only happens whit eny media. If i play demos on the HD, browse internet, use linux, etc, nothing happens. But when i'm putting a DVD, after a few seconds it shutdows. Do anyone why this error happens? Can i fix it?

    Do you recommend to set up everything to factory settings?

    Sorry my bad english, i'm from Argentina.

    Grettings to all!

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    Wait for the 1.60 FW that will be released this week, upgrade, and if you see the same problem again then buy an XBOX360 all the games are moving to the system now including Devil May Cry 4 .

    wish you team all the best in the next World Cup

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    restore default settings... its in the system settings area. It truely does miracles... it won't delete any information either. If not wait for the 1.6 update. And if that doesn't work call customer support... and tell them you are sony customer and would never buy a system that gives you a three red light error. And you want you're problem fixed NOW!

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    Three red light error... rofl

    It probably did a bad FW upgrade try the 1.60 or the default settings thing.

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