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    coreyinoz Guest

    Upgrade from Rebug 4.46 to Rogero 4.55, BD no longer works help?

    Hi Guys,

    I apologize if this has been addressed a million times. If this is common knowledge, I'm having a Forum Search fail...

    As the topic says, I recently upgraded from Rebug 4.46 to Rogero 4.55 1.00b. Since the upgrade, my BD icon on the XMB has disappeared. I'm unable to play original game discs, or original Blu-Rays. I updated to MM 4.55.01 - when I try to launch a game from the PS3 folder on the XMB - it goes to black screen then dumps me back to XMB. In short, I can't play original games, backups, or Blu-Rays...

    However, I'm at least certain that I didn't accidentally update to OFW because MM still launches, and my games that launch from XMB launch fine...

    My console is an old PS3 Fat, CECHG01, CEX.

    Things I've tried;
    • Updated f/w to Rogero 4.55 1.00b via XMB (no disc in tray, no internet connected during upgrade)
    • Uninstalled MM and re-installed from 4.55.01 CEX Base.
    • Ensured that BD Emulator is checked in MM.

    Any input would be appreciated... maybe Rogero 4.55 doesn't play nicely with Phat's? Do I have to roll back to Rebug?


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    windrider42 Guest
    Ok first check in Multiman Settings

    Hide BD-ROM Disc from Game List

    Sets appearance of BD-ROM disc entry in the game list.

    - Yes: hides it.
    - No

    You could also try reinstalling Rogero 4.55 CFW and see if that fixes it. If you installed first time in XMB, then reinstall in Recovery or vice versa.

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    misiozol Guest
    I would just add to this what Windrider told to try reinstall in safe mode this my help , and rebuilt database it's long shot but it my help

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    akariz Guest

    Thumbs Up downgrade process

    try downgrading process here:

    and reinstall all back again up to rogero and you should be all up n running in no time m8

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    coreyinoz Guest
    Thanks to all repliers - will try these suggestions and report back. I've got a young family, so PS3 time can be limited. Not ignoring anyone - will mark this solved as soon as I can!

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