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    Upgrade from PS3 CFW 3.55 to 4.31 help?

    Hi Guys...

    I, currently, am using phat ps3 on rebug 3.55.2 with a version spoofer 4.25 (I went online thru this)... I have some queries regarding upgrade, namely
    • Is it worth upgrading from 3.55.2 REBUG to any CFW 4.31?
    • Which is the best cfw 4.31? will i be able to go online??
    • I have a list of 50+ games running with 3.55 fix, will these games work without any new fix on cfw 4.31?
    • Game saves will not be affected from upgrade?
    • Any other thing i need to keep in mind before upgrading...

    I understand the list comprises of some basic questions, but i just want to be sure before i do or end up bricking my love...

    Thanks in advance!!! Cheers...

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    When on 4.30 CFW you won't need to patch games like you did on 3.55. So it saves some time.

    I'm using Rebug 4.30.1 CFW and I play BF3 online like a boss (spoof of course)

    When you will upgrade to higher CFW you will need original eboots for your games if they're patched for 3.55. You can get them in this thread

    Game saves will be fine. You will need switch your CFW to 3.55 OFW for safety and ENABLE QA FLAG.

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    Yeah its worth to upgrade to a higher CFW right now i'm on Rogero 4.30 V 2.05 (already spoofed to.31) so you can play online & all the games fixed for 3.55 can load on 4.30 without any original EBOOT only some homebrew and PSN games need to resigned from 3.55 to 4.21+ so you can play'em on 4.30 so this means you can play all 3.55 backups on 4.30 without any problem.

    as for savegames & trophies they won't be affected so i'd recommend Rogero 4.30 2.05 for you it's the best but if you want to mess with savegames & trophies you can upgrade to rebug that pauliux963 mentioned above glad that I could help. PEACE

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