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Thread: Upgrade to open manager 1.161?

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    AlexanderV26 Guest

    Upgrade to open manager 1.161?

    Hey guys, I have 2 questions for you: can I upgrade from backup manager to open manager without losing my games? On my ps3 I have backup manager and my games are installed in this folder: hdd0/games/LAUN12345/GAMEZ. If I uninstall backup manager the "Gamez folder" will be deleted and I will lose all my games. So how can I uninstall Backup manager and install open manager without losing data saved in gamez?

    2. Did someone upgraded the firmware on his PS3break V1.0 (long) to 1.4a or b?
    Does it work?

    Thank you for your time and have a nice Sunday!

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    marc2590 Guest
    1. Install Open Manager
    2. use comgenie's awesome file manager to move all your games to Open Managers GAMEZ folder
    3. delete Backup manager
    4 enjoy

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