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Thread: Upgrade Japanese Firmware to US Firmware

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    lordtom Guest

    Upgrade Japanese Firmware to US Firmware

    Hi, I have a Japanese 40GB white ps3, I was wondering if it is possible to flash to US firmware next firmware release? I read on Sony website that you shouldn't but I don't see what would be different, I understand flashing to EU firmware could do damage as SD is 50hz for europe, but I don't see any dangers in US firmware...

    Anyone know if it's possible or not?


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    Luzifer42 Guest
    Until now, there was only one common firmware for every version of the playstation. If you are unsure, download the same firmware from different servers and compare their crc or md5 hashes.


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    kittipo Guest
    I confirm. I use japanese 60 GB version. That can upgrade FW US

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