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Thread: Upgrade internal harddrive on CFW PS3 phat 40gb help?

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    cgkgbg13 Guest

    Upgrade internal harddrive on CFW PS3 phat 40gb help?

    Is it safe to upgrade my ps3 phat 40gb with rogero to a 250gb harddrive?

    Do I need to do a backup for rogero, multiman, rebug toolbox, condor update and toggle QA and the other folders? Will these be backuped if I do a backup from the ps3 menu?

    Thank you in advance.

    One more thing - Do I need to format the new hard drive to fat 32 before I install it in the ps3? Or can the ps3 do This?

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    Liongooder Guest
    Yep, backup is recommended but the only thing you can't backup is the trophy collection, unless you sync it to the psn server, but i'll show ya a tricky way, we'll get to that later, now the CFW won't change when you install the new HDD, but just to be sure downgrade to 3.55 and install the HDD then, as for the trophy collection:

    Enter multiman
    Go to MMOS or multiman file manager
    Go to devhdd0/home/user files which is 0000000001 number changes depending on how many users, then copy trophy folder to any external device,t hen upgrade to the new hdd, restore backup, then copy the trophy folder back to where it belongs, after that, go to recovery mode, select Rebuild data base and voila you got your trophies back.

    oh almost forgot you don't need to format the HDD, the PS3 will do it automatically.

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    cgkgbg13 Guest
    ok thanx But will the programs like multiman etc be backed up when using ps3's backup function or do I need to install them again?

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    Liongooder Guest
    Yes it'll be backed up, and don't forget to turn off the power settings, because backing up may take an hour or more than that, and the PS3 may shut down during the backup process, so turn it off just to be sure that everything will be fine, glad that i can help.

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