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Thread: Upgrade FW on PS3 with remarried drive help?

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    CmdrPsyco Guest

    Upgrade FW on PS3 with remarried drive help?


    I've a PS3 with a remarried drive on OFW 3.55. BD playback is gone, but dvd playback and games work just fine. My question is, has anybody expierience with a PS3 with a remarried drive with a firmware beyond 3.60?

    Is there the chance of losing the "remarriage"? Or will the "dvd" still be available if i update to the newest firmware with the online updater ?

    Thanks for your help!

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    spunkybunny Guest
    From what I read is when you put your PS3 in service mode and remarry the drive you need to put a bluray in before you return to normal mode.

    So Just put it in Service mode then put in a bluray and it should make blurays work again. I haven't tried it yet but I will be next time I get a PS3 to remarry in the next few weeks. I haven't heard anything above 3.60 so I doubt it'll be a good thing to do. If you do you cant put it back in service mode to repair or remarry again if it needs it.

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    CmdrPsyco Guest
    No, the playback of the BluRay won't come back. There is a fix, by using qa-flagging (otheros++ 3.41 / 3.55) but this results in the problem of malfunctioning trophy system and so on ....

    I've done that, but what i didn't know, was that you mustn't put it back into FSM for upgrading - so i lost BluRay playback again ... dvd playback stayed though. My Problem is - i want to use the PS3 as "normal" PS3 - that means i want to have it on the newest FW ...

    But from my point of view it seems risky to upgrade, because i don't want to loose the dvd-playback (which is still ok) or the functionality of the drive for games (which also works...)

    So my question is, has anybody remarried the drive to his PS3 and upgraded it later to the newest (or just above 3.60) firmware?
    Clearly, there would be no use of FSM to go above this FW, you would be stuck in FSM... so the upgrade should be done with the internal (or online) updater ....

    hmmm... any clues ?

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    mushy409 Guest
    Here's the run-down of how to remarry WITHOUT losing your BD movie playback (I've done this twice this week...)

    You need to downgrade to either 3.15 (16Mb NOR) or 2.30 (256Mb NAND) firmware - I do this by downgrading in steps, eg, 3.55 to 3.41, then 3.41 to 3.21, 3.21 down to 3.15 or 2.30 etc. I get no errors from downgrading this way and believe me, I've spent HOURS studying the outcomes.

    Once you're on 3.15 or 2.30 you need the dev_usb000 folder with the BDROM marry files. Inside the file archive is a folder called 'standalone' containing a config file. You need to scroll down to the bottom and change the '0' to '1' next to the DriveInit option & also Update system software - then save changes.

    Copy all those files + either the 3.15 or 2.30 firmware onto your FRESHLY FORMATTED Usb drive & stick it in the far right usb port (your PS3 should be in FSM before this point)

    You should see a black screen with txt -

    The top option "Drive Init..." should say "PASS" after 2-3 mins
    The second option will install the 2.30 or 3.15 PUP you have on the USB drive (this is needed!!) Give it a few minutes...
    Your PS3 should turn off when complete.

    The next step is VERY IMPORTANT!!!
    Remove your USB drive (obviously)
    Turn your PS3 on, you should still be on 2.30/3.15 and be in FSM
    Stick a Bluray film in your drive and play it for a few minutes (until it reaches the top menu)
    Eject the disc, then power off your console.
    Leave your PS3 in FSM and then upgrade your firmware in steps again.
    Using the LV2Diag file, start with the 3.15 (if you're on 2.30) then jump to 3.21, then to 3.41, then to 3.55 OFW. After each firmware update, put your Bluray film in the drive and check you still have playback.

    At this point you need to EXIT SERVICE MODE. Once you've done that, power up again and copy the 4.00 OFW PUP into a folder on your FRESHLY FORMATTED USB drive (PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP) and update through the system menu as normal.

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    CmdrPsyco Guest
    Thanks for the detailed answer! ok, that means that i can upgrade to 4.0 without having the risk of losing the remarriage? hmmm sounds good. when i tried the remarry process, i've used a manual similar to what you describe here, but the process was just good for dvd / games capability.

    BD playback just came back by using qa flagging, which i lost due to an upgrade from 3.41 to 3.55 using FSM. i don't think that a downgrade to 2.30 (or 3.15) would bring back BD playback, as it didn't when i tried the remarriage in first place.

    ok, nevertheless ... thank you very much, you've helped me a lot!

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