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Thread: Updating RDR for PS3 help?

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    MaXalizon Guest

    Updating RDR for PS3 help?

    Hello, I have RDR installed internally on my dongle 3.41 loading how psn games are and I want to update it. The problem is after I download the update and install it after booting in modded mod the game doesn't reflect any changes of the new game update, am I doing something wrong ? Have anyone else been able to update this game ?


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    Natepig Guest
    Make the switch to 3.55 cfw and install the latest version of multiman. If the update installed without error it would suggest that it worked.

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    MaXalizon Guest
    Does 3.55 cfw support discless mode ? My drive no longer works, so I have to use discless mode. That is the only reason I have not switched, because it seems more games are compatible with 3.41 this way.

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    Natepig Guest
    The 3.55 cfw's combined with the most up-to-date multiman, have better compatability across the board. At worst it will be the same but its sure to be much better for you. Don't hesistate or worry about it at all.

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