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    Updating PS3 Games?

    Hello guys.

    Using PSFreedom with Hermes V4 and latest Gaia BUM. I am wondering if it is save to download and use game updates?
    I tried downloading the latest update for Dante's Inferno 1.04 and it worked with Gaia. Previously it didn't because i was using old bum when JB was first possible.

    So just wondering if it is safe to download? Or should i use some different proxy settings or some such when getting updates.

    Like i wanna update Heavy Rain, but the download is like 1gb.
    IDK if thats a signal call over at Sony HQ etc. :s

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    WHO KNOWS? I think (personal opinion)

    If s0ny like to ban they will be at work today to log all ps3`s who got online with the ID from the BUM old or new doesn`t matter (in the worst case scenario >had ever installed a BUM > HDD or Flash log)

    if you had load 1 2 or 3 updates and how big they are is not importent.

    WE WILL SEE , wanna here someone who knows more.

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    I use the same setup and been downloading all the updates including Heavy Rain. So i think you will be ok.

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    Thanks friend! Gonna start my update then.

    Thanks to everyone in the scene. You're doing a fantastic job, here's to hoping it will continue to grow!

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