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Thread: Updating PS3 Game help?

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    Preceptor Guest

    Updating PS3 Game help?

    People, I'm wondering... Now that we can decrypt and extract pkgs from retail game updates, can we update a game by just unpacking a retail pkg and then uploading it to the game folder using FTP (with the exception of the eboot.bin cuz I figure it's the installation proggy)?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    not really, the eboot.bin is the games executable and needs to be updated too.

    Wait a few days or weeks and a solution will be there, one is being tested at the minute using npdrm decryption. or you could upgrade to 3.55cfw and you can update normally.

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    Preceptor Guest
    The eboot.bin that updates the game executable is in the USRDIR patch folder, I think. The update came with 2 eboot.bins, one that is the root of the patch folder (that I think is respossible for placing the files in the correct places, i.e. updating) and another inside USRDIR. I tested this using Red Dead Redemption and I'm not sure if it fully updated, but something updated. The option for the undead nightmare appeared in the menu and it wasn't there before, in the 1.0 version.

    Hmmm looks like not all updates have that eboot.bin in the patch root dir... Interesting.

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