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    Alaa Guest

    Updating PS3 firmware clears trace of homebrew?

    Hello. I'm going to update my other PS3 to 3.56 to sign in to PSN, specifically, in order to play Call of Duty: Black Ops online... So, question: does the update clear everything? ie., the history of my homebrew (ie.,boot_history.dat and patch.bat)... I'm already going to delete the backup manager and all other homebrew apps before the update...heck I'll even delete the GAMEZ folder from the internal HDD.

    So basically, does updating to 3.56 remove all trace of homebrew so that I can play online without worry? Shall I update through System Recovery instead? Shall I try running the Wipe History app before updating?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    since no ps3's have been banned lets just say yes it'll make it safe.

    Potentially the PS3 may have already been flagged and may get a ban in the future but thats just pure speculation.

    though to make yourself feel better you can run the wipe history app first.

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    Alaa Guest
    People were banned from Call of Duty Black Ops after updating to 3.56. Of course, these people were playing using their original CD since there is no jailbreak on 3.56. So AFTER they updated, Sony still knew they used to run homebrew so they got banned =/, or am I missing something about this ban?

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    Denida Guest
    They got banned for cheating though..

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    barrybarryk Guest
    not banned for using homebrew or cfw and also not from PSN so I don't really see how thats remotely relevant.

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    Alaa Guest
    Ok, so that was I was missing in that whole ban thing, I thought they were banned because of homebrew, which doesn't really make sense because there isn't any homebrew on 3.56, so I assumed it was because their history logs showed traces of homebrew.

    Ok, so I'll just run the Wipe History app and hope for the best. Thanks barrybarryk and Denida.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Your problem is solved so please 'mark' a best answer.

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