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Thread: Update Ps3 break V1.0 help?

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    AlexanderV26 Guest

    Update Ps3 break V1.0 help?


    I'm stuck at upgrading my ps3 break, 1.0v. I connect my ps3 break to my laptop via USB, (windows Xp/windows 7), press the upgrade key, but when I open the device manager there is no new device. It should be something like "AT90USB162 " or any other device, but on the device manager list is no change. I installed also Atmel flip 3.4.2 but this application is uselss if my OS can't see ps3 break.

    My ps3 break works just fine on my ps3 but I want to upgrade to v 1.4a.
    Any advice?


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    datto666 Guest
    I have the same problem, it seems that we both have the cheap clone from China. This clone is made with a PIC chip which has no bootloader so it cannot be upgraded. some have the buttons and some have none.. some are named ps3break and usbbreak.

    Hope they can be updated.

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    AlexanderV26 Guest
    I thought it's a fake but it's not cheap at all! For the moment they can't be updated.

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    2High4U Guest


    You could try eclipse firmware manager ( worked for AVR Prankster after using PrHackster to unlock it or whatever that did, might work for others i don't know.. just start eclipse and plug device in if it detects it, it will come up connected in green writing hope this helps.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Hello, I've the same and know the answer.

    The microchip inside the stick can't be flashed, it's an cheap clone from China.

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    pitabread Guest
    It's not a clone. It's a real product (PS3Break v1.0 long) from ps3break however it is a faulty product and they refuse to do anything about it.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    The same like me.

    I already contact the team, they answered, that there are a few V1.0 Long Dongles which are not supported - and never will be.

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