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Thread: Update my PS3 Dongle help?

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    Siren2010 Guest

    Update my PS3 Dongle help?


    I buyed a PS3 Dongle a few month before (end of sep).
    I have a PIC 18F2550.
    I don't have more information, I buyed this in Ebay as already installed PS3 Jailbreak, put this into my PS3 and it worked.

    Now I want to play AC Brotherhood and read about updating something witha 4.50 spoof, a new payload and such things.

    Can someone help an noob?

    1) What is the 4.50 Spoof?
    2) What is a payload?
    3) Can I / Must I update my PS Dongle or how I can play the game?

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    elser1 Guest
    its 3.50 spoof.. it tricks your ps3 into thinking its on 3.50 firmware.. or something like that. a payload is the hex on your jb device (updates etc) search for ac brotherhood working on 3.41 and read up my friend.. search for how to update ps3 jb and read up.

    all your questions are answered there... good luck

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