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    Hermano Guest

    Update from 3.55 Dongle CFW to 4.46 CFW help?

    Hi guys,

    I've been away from the scene for a while and my PS3 is running 3.55 Dongle CFW.

    I've been searching for a CFW 4.46 to update to (I dont need the dongle lol) but there seem to be 8 million different releases and I can't see if I'll be able to update over the dongle 3.55 CFW I am running.

    Can anyone recommend a particular latest CFW that I will be able to update over the top and possibly point to a tutorial?

    Thanks for your help

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    EhabFellah Guest
    hello my friend, i'm also have the same problem and i searched a lot to find a solution, but i've only found 7.9 million different releases
    if i found another working solution, i'll tell. and i hope u do the same, cuz i really hate the dongle!

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    neko73 Guest
    Just update to CFW 4.46 via update console: http://upafile.com/5o02ne7pa7so & install new Multiman http://www.sendspace.com/file/jlu461 & play all PS3 game.

    only on German, sorry

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    dyceast Guest
    I was on it... The thing just sits in my draw looking like a staunch USB stick that dont work!!!!, i actually might try stick a USB stick in it come to think of it now

    Anyways, take these steps.

    Install Rebug 3.55.4 over top 1st
    Then install rebut tool box, and then enable QA which is the option all the way to the right.
    Then install REBUG 4.46.1 REX EDITION
    Then update your Game Manager, multiMAN v04.46.03

    Dongle games that you patched need the original eboot back to play, if you cant get them what so ever, you may get away with using an EBOOT from an update of what ever game you are trying, install it first, then copy the Eboot file over the dongle eboot in your GAMES directory.

    Official Rebug links can be found here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...ve-125504.html

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    Hermano Guest
    dyceast do you have any links to the tools you specified?

    Will installing these wipe my settings/games/game saves?

    Thanks guys!

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    rahmat Guest

    what is the difference rogero 4.30 to 4.46

    hey, guys what advantages rogero 4.46 and I want to ask what it duplex could be played in firmware 4:30?


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    racer0018 Guest
    It is just the verison. Almost all Cfw is about the same. Some have other things added in it and that what makes it different. Thanks.

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    akimazaki Guest
    4.46 is new cfw for jailbreak console... all games come with 3.55 till 4.46 can be play on 4.46

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    fantopoulos Guest
    awesome material great help thank you guys

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    Hermano Guest
    Thanks for this, I got the links.

    1 more question - will installing 3.55.4 and then 4.46.1 wipe my settings/save games?


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