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Thread: Update from 3.55 Dongle CFW to 4.46 CFW help?

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    dyceast Guest
    What "settings" are you talking about?

    I can only suggest backing up your save data first, only because you can update and have no issues what so ever and everything is there untouched, then sometimes you can get an error while updating, and when this happens you usually have to restore your HDD which means your saves are gone. And who knows what that CFW had written in it, that may cause problems...

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    pepsicolla Guest
    I would just update to the latest Rogero 4.46 rex which I think is the most user friendly. Like dycast said try backing up your game save data.

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    hilongo Guest
    There is no Rogero 4.46 Rex... There is Rogero 4.46 and there is Rebug Rex 4.46... They are two different CFW.

    And any of those is a good choice... there is no such thing as a "friendlier CFW"... one has features that the other lacks... but if you use it to play, both are equally friendly.

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