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Thread: Unpacking And Repacking PKG's help?

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    thelaggykid Guest

    Unpacking And Repacking PKG's help?

    Can I have a tutorial? Please any help would be appreciated.

    I need an unpacker and a packer. I want to make homebrews. i have a 3.55 ps3 to test on. so yeah post what could get me started <3


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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    You can use Pkgview to extract a .pkg file you can find it here

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    thelaggykid Guest
    I'm looking for a working repacker. i already have an unpacker. gosh

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    G Sus Guest
    i think this is the file your looking for: psn_package_npdrm

    there's probably a link and a tutorial on ps3news somewhere, maybe someone could aim you in right direction.

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