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    wicked insanity Guest

    unnecessary language files on PAL game discs optional?

    On a EU game disk with multiple langauge files such as NFS:HP, will the game still function if I delete the extra languages? because its taking hours to copy over 18000 files through ftp!! or will it ruin certain disc checks and various file checksums??

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    barrybarryk Guest
    works for some games not for others, you could try it and see but as far as i know if you remove the right files from NFS:HP it'll work.

    but by far your best bet will to just use an external to copy it over incase an update trys to update a file that isn't there or you remove a file thats needed and bugger up the whole lot.

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    severusx Guest
    Yeah I would just use an external HD to copy over the entire game. Even if the files aren't needed you never know if it will cause the game to crash if they are missing. If you want, just FTP the parts you want to try and test it, if it crashes delete the game data and transfer the whole game.

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    dime Guest
    hi there my friend, if you delete the pack of the languages many games will fail to load , in my case i already tried before.. games like yakuza and heavy rain for example will occur an error.. i dont use now ftp because its to slow, i tried external and its much much better to transfer files.

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    thetownfool Guest

    replace or downsample

    Hi Guys,

    I've just been thinking about this, as I'm in the process of ftping LBP2 and its huge, if we cant remove the other language files. could we not replace them with files a fraction of the size but same name and format. I'm thinking more a/v files than language data files. for diff language mp3s they could just be a second or so long. videos the same.

    and for videos we want to keep/ view we could just downsample as per this tutorial.

    the tutorial biks for LBP2 are the best part of 9GB. and how many times will you view them?

    food for thought.


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    Guids Guest
    i totally agree, is this possible? As long if you don't acces the specific file thinks should be fine right...

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    severusx Guest
    I tend to doubt it. Just because you may not access them yourself doesn't meant that the game doesn't. It may try to pre-load them for menus or to the HD and such or cache them for faster load times. It's not like a computer, where just because the user doesn't access to the files the system can run without them.

    It may also be possible that the game hash checks the files for accuracy. Like I said before, it's a lot easier to just throw your games on a USB storage device and transfer them like that. It's actually faster than ripping the game.

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    CJPC Guest
    The key is, you go back to the old days, putting in dummy files. File IO stuff still works (theres a file) but nothing will play, for movies etc. Of course, depends on each game (and how its handled). Or, you just create a dummy 1 second video/audio, and use that instead !

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    Jes03 Guest
    I shrunk LBP2 down to 2.5GB and its still got files I can remove to make it even smaller. I deleted the tutorials, and all references to any other language than English and it works fine. I know I cant do the tutorials unless I now put in the disc but how many times are you going to do them?

    Same as LBP1. There is a 4GB Japanese language pack in my AU version which I deleted down to 4GB.

    There are lots of games that have multiple languages and if you delete them 99% of the time it'll still work. I'll also depend on the game. Something like Yakuza might have problems if you remove the Japanese language as its a Japanese game, so keep the English and Japanese languages and if there are others they should be fine to remove.

    I prefer to have more games on the HDD so the smaller the game the more fit. If movies have to be dummied then I'll do it, if unused languages have to be deleted then they are gone. BTW, UFC2010 can be dummied to 12GB by removing the 3 huge video files.

    I gladly remove movies and music. If I want to hear music I'll play music, if I wanted to watch a movie I'll put on a movie, I'm here to play a game and thats all I'm interested in, the game not the movies or the music.

    There are also games like Fallout New Vegas where you can edit a setting file and shrink the install. I did that and shrunk the install from 2GB to 20MB (Is it 2GB install?)

    I've seen a few other games like that. 1 setting file and you edit that and shrink the install. Gladly GT5 has an option to not install. As the backup runs from Int HDD there is really no point to install it.

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    flashpc Guest
    Try it, take the files, downsample them, or create blank files and test. Play the game until breaking point, then post your results.

    If it does work that would be great, we could use the internal drive for games by shrinking them like on the Wii, but if it doesn't work then external drive is definitely the way to go and your 9GB of foriegn videos has to stay.

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