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Thread: Unknown folder under games locks up when opened?

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    Jes03 Guest

    Unhappy Unknown folder under games locks up when opened?

    I have my games in folders. Homebrew, PS3, PS1 Minis. I have an unknown icon. Its in the folder UNKNOWN. If I open that folder it locks up the whole system.

    I went through the HDD0/GAMES dir and there are no corrupt entries. All are games with proper icons and I believe they all work.

    Where can I find this UNKNOWN dir? IS there a way to remove this unknown app from XMB via FTP as I cant get into the folder to delete it.

    When I add a new app/game it firsts goes into the unknown dir, so I cant add anything new as I can't remove it from the unknown dir.

    Any ideas?

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    renanbianchi Guest
    Enter recovery menu and recover your PS3. This happened to me when i forced shutdown the PS3 before it deleted my whole games dir (the time when the BMs had the games inside their folders)

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    Jes03 Guest
    Does that kill everything on the HDD? Is there a way where I can keep my games and data?

    I already tried "restore file system" and that didn't fix it. I'm looking through it now via FTP and deleting cache files.

    Also, the LOST & FOUND dir, can that be deleted? it looks like its just full of crap. It's got icons from files I haven't had installed for months.

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    chronoz Guest
    This happened to me to, just do a database restore from the recovery menu to solve the problem, don't worry, you don't lost anything. I did it 2 times on my jailbroken ps3!

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