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    TinkleKillah Guest

    Uninstall PS3 Jailbreak, Backup and Format HDD help?

    I'm running on a Firmware 3.41 on my Playstation 3 Slim 160GB with Jailbreak. I bought it on december 28 2010 and been using jailbreak since then, so these questions arises:

    I've heard that you can remove/uninstall Jailbreak from the PS3. I presume you start out by Formatting your HDD, deleting all installed Jailbreak Crap and then Updating it to the latest firmware.

    So First Question is will Formatting the HDD erase the trophies as well? I have back up files of all of my music, videos and images in my laptop. I am also planning on backing up my save game files, but i'm not too sure about the trophies.

    Second question is that the process of removing ps3 jailbreak as stated above Safe and will it actually work?
    Like will it harm the HDD and Console Itself?

    I'm a Paranoid kind of guy, I paid more than the original Price for this amazing console, I would go nuts if i messed up at some point.

    Lastly, If I do Manage to remove my Jailbreak (for the sole purpose of playing Online PSN, to be able to Update and to redeem myself, will sony by chance still ban me?

    I really much appreciate the answers and suggestion given <3

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    Realee Guest
    Most of this stuff has been answered in other posts so i'll be short. Use the PS3 backup tool (It's in the SMB) to backup your data to another drive.

    You're using the dongle method still so use the PS3 format utility then update as normal.

    Recover the data afterwards with the PS3 recovery tool.

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    gizmol Guest
    Before you format I suggest you have a look at this thread regarding trophies and backing them up without syncing online:


    Although I am not sure if the above mentions anything about backuping trophies and then putting them back onto the OFW console...

    I think its a dead end unless you wait for a short window opportunity (by that I mean connecting to PSN with a modded console) and sync your trophies then.

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    severusx Guest
    I'm pretty sure that the only way to backup trophies is to sync them with PSN, which you can't do with a 3.41 console. I would just back everything up, format the HD, and then update to 3.56 (not sure why you want to but ok...) and then connect. Everything will be fine.

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    dyceast Guest
    Take these steps and you should be good...

    - 1st use Back up utility and backup everything... delete (music/pictures/videos) if you already have them backed up, (or you could keep them so when you restore everything will be, as they are now but on 3.56)

    - Then Format Hardrive, to be extra safe (But dont think its needed) format HDD through a PC to Fat32 or something first, then re-install into the ps3, and the ps3 will ask to reformat (You will need the Original Firmware 3.41 for this though)

    - Then update to OFW 3.56 v2 or through System update via PS3...

    - Then restore (what you backed up in the first step) through data utility

    And you will have everything you had on 3.41 without the backup's and a clean ps3...

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