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    KoolAidAddict Guest

    Unhandled Error help?

    Hey guys! I've spent the last day researching doing the JB on my PS3 and getting my backups to work properly but I am having a problem now I cannot find the answer to.

    I'm using a fat ps3 that's probably 3 years old, and I have PSFreedom v1.1.2 running on my Rooted HTC Dream(T-Mobile G1). I'm using Open Manager v1.16. I have my backup transfered into the proper folder and Open Manager can see it.

    The problem is, when I launch the backup through Open Manager, then select the game disc from the main, I get a black screen that says "Unhandled Error" and I can't proceed.

    Any help would be super appreciated.

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    dondolo Guest
    stupid question, have you got free space in your hdd?

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    KoolAidAddict Guest
    Haha, not a stupid question. Usually these things are obvious problems.

    I do have free space on my HDD. Enough to hold the game itself with a little bit left over.

    Let me clarify that. The backup game is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I have it saved on my internal HDD. I have maybe 10Gb of space left over on the drive.

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    bugga12 Guest
    Does your current PSFreedom support Peek and Poke ? If so, another question, are you forcing the patched mode in Open manager?

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    KoolAidAddict Guest
    My current PSFreedom build does have options for peek/poke. Looks like it has an option for Blueray Emu w/ peek/poke and Homebrew for peek/poke. I am not forcing patched in Open Manager.

    More Info: Ok, I just did a backup from disc of Valkyria Chronicles and it worked fine w/o the disc.

    Therefore my PSFreedom build is working fine, and OBM v1.16 is working fine.

    So the problem is my backup of Castlevania. Either a corrupt file or some kind of patch problem. I'm not sure what this patch issue could be though, any ideas?

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    bugga12 Guest
    You said you had it saved on your internal HDD, did you use an external HDD and then copied the game to the internal one using Open Manager, or did you use the FTP?

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    KoolAidAddict Guest
    Used FlashFXP to transfer to file.

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    bugga12 Guest
    Could be that one file (or files) didn't transfer well. (Can happen through FTP)

    Wired connection or wireless?

    Plus, if there is no over 4gb file in Castlevania, may I suggest putting it into an external USB device and using Open Manager to copy it to the Internal HDD?

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    KoolAidAddict Guest
    I retransfered the file with FTP and it is working fine now. I believe there was an error during the transfer process causing a corruption, and this made the game unplayable.

    Well, now we have it figured out! Thanks for the help!

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