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Thread: Understanding PS3 firmware upgrades help?

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    richpia Guest

    Understanding PS3 firmware upgrades help?

    Hi, I just join ps3news and I am a newbie. I see firmware upgrades that I can down load and install on my ps3. I would like to know what these upgrades will do to enhance my unit. I actually wanted to find a program so I can save my golf game on my system. I have v4.10

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    Liongooder Guest
    Welcome to PS3news, first of all if you want to install these firmwares,you need a device that is called E3 flasher,to downgrade your firmware to 3.55 after that you can install any custom firmware on your console, i'd say the best CFW for you would be Rogero 4.31 version 2.03.

    you can have a backup manager which is Multiman to backup your games on either your internal hdd or external hdd, so first things first you need to downgrade to 3.55 first, and of course they'll enhance your system in many ways you can't imagine.

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    Ps3scener Guest
    Liongooder whats special about 3.55 firmware? i know its drm free and a dongle based solution i opened up the pup and it shows a bunch of keys and offsets now my name says scener but i needed something easy to remember lol but anyways whats possible if all the keys are shown in the hex editor. could something happen for 4.31 like a legitimate cfw with no install from 3.55?

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    richpia Guest
    Thanks for that answer. I understand what your saying. Where can I find an E3? I'm excited I'm getting somewhere.

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    We don't get into "where to buy" here sorry. You will need to use Google for that.

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