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    DoubleBoss Guest

    Uncharted 3 ps3 shutdown problem help?

    my ps3 is not jailbreaked and when i run uncharted 3 my ps3 shutdown maybe between 1 to 5 mins and i don't know why because am playing other games with no problems so anyone know why that happen?


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    niwakun Guest
    sure it happens on old consoles, even if the console is in good condition. UC3 will just crashed and make your PS3 shutdown for good.

    solution: buy a SLIM console

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    cfwprophet Guest
    But that's no answer for his question. The old consoles have a over heating problem. You shall knowe how a computer work to be able to understand this. Look then more resources a game need the more both pu's have to work. Then more they work then more heat they produce. UC3 seems to use the most resources a game use to time. There for old ps3's start to overheat and the system call's LV1_Panic and shut down the whole sys.

    You can buy a new console like a slim or cool down your ps3 with several things like a new better cooling paste or you do some hard mod's like Power Supply Cooling Mod which you can find here: Power Supply Cooling Mod

    Or you can try to contact sony tell them your problem and ask for a free replacement SLIM PS3 but im doubt that they will help you out.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    ^ This.

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    niwakun Guest
    just visit naughty dog forums, even one of the fat console users have done fully disassmble on the console and done the necessary overheating remedy, he did even operate the console out of the casing and dedicate a electric fan for it. Seriously the god damn problem is still there.

    why am i saying this? because i had the very exact same problem. and buying a new console did solve the problem.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Then they have changed something on the Onboard chips for the slim. Some call's for the chip the fat's PU's dont have. One reason more to hack the console. Some peoples like me have payed up to 600€ for there fat consoles and now they cant play UC3 ? Dare Sony and Hail to the scene.

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    niwakun Guest
    well, I am a crazy UC fan, so I had no choice but to buy a new console.

    btw. this is not the first game did show the same problem, remember L.A. Noire, same exact problem with UC3, and a fixed is out of reach for Fat console users as of today.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Can't be fixed in case of we can't program the onboard inportend chips like C/G-PU and others. I used google and found out that they have released new SLIM DEBUG consoles. That means sony have for 100% changed the hardware a bit, the way the console work. Otherwise a new Debug Slim wouldn't be necessary. And even if it is not some code then they changed the way the hardware talks.

    Example: On Fat the CPU sends a command direct to the GPU. There for the game use a cell command which starts with a command for the GPU. On SLIM ther is a middle man between CPU and GPU and now the cell command hase changed from a GPU command to a command for the middle man.

    So they can program the new chips to bypass this for old games. Like the CPU do not send the cell command starting with the RSX command it sends the command for the middle man so old games can work. But it doesn't work vice verca. Meaning a new game with the middle man command can't be understood of the old CPU's in our beloved FAT consoles

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    DoubleBoss Guest
    thats mean i have to buy a new one but some of the slim ps3 have the same problem, found in NDog forums the same problem and no answer

    i don't think i will buy a new ps3 just for one game

    thanks for the reply guys

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    niwakun Guest
    afaik, problems on Slims are network related problems that causes the PS3 to freeze or sometimes restart by itself (not totally shutdown the console, but sometimes it does shutdown). the problem on Slim consoles has been patched lately.

    Now the only thing leaves on vain right now are the fat consoles.

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