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    [Answered] Uncharted 3 PS3 lan party help?

    ok one simply question, can somebody explain to me how to set co op mode in lan party so i can play with friends against bots in game ?

    i tried everything but there is no way to play against bots ?
    Best Answer - Posted by sun1345h3d:

    go to co-op not to multiplayer or use kai to play with others

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    Well you need to find someone to play with on Xlink Kai, be in the same room and you should find each other in the LAN option. Make sure on of your starts a game.
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    go to co-op not to multiplayer or use kai to play with others

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    well i can't use co-op because i'm 3.55. i'm using kai and i'm trying and every time its me against friends not bots.

    ok this is how it goes.. i must turn on second joystick and go to splitscreen then turn off splitscreen and others can join then.
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