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    Uncharted 3 minimum fw 3.30 help?

    i work at a box factory and today we started making the boxes for the uncharted 3 collectors edition. while reading the back of the box it says system software 3.30 or later. does this mean this game could run on 3.55 cfw...

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    We'll have to wait and find out, I don't see why a game released in late 2011 will have 3.30 firmware on it.

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    i highly doubt that.. this game will be 3.66 or later maybe even 3.72

    strange how it says that on your box.. false advertising.. LOL

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    sterioscopic 3d was introduced in the 3.30 firmware, uncharted 3 has sterioscopic 3d as a feature.

    but doubt it would use such a low firmware. nice spotting on the box tho

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