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Thread: uncharted 2 psarc no output file help?

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    thirstygamer Guest

    uncharted 2 psarc no output file help?

    Hi I am trying to put Uncharted to on externel fat32 drive.

    I have read plenty of posts but can't find a soultion or same issue. The only thing that seems to work is me droping the pak22.psarc file into the psarc.exe and program starts up and goes thorugh the extraction but there is no out put file. I have also read that I'm suppose to put a copy of the pak22.psarc in the directory but am not sure what that means I have tried to copy it over the file it won't go.

    Windows xp sp3
    PSgroove backup manager 2.

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    In your PSArc directory are 2 files, the main executable called PSARC.exe and the .dll file called Into that directory you also copy your pak22.psarc file, then drag it over the PSARC.exe file and the extraction should start by itself, you will see a "DOS" window opening and starting to treat your files.

    Btw, you need a certain .NET Framework version from M$ to make PSARC.exe work. It also happened sometimes to me, that the extraction of the files just stops at some point, leaving you without any output files.

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    buffaoo monty Guest
    I had the exact same problem. Couldn`t figure it out, .NET framework wouldn`t install on my system. I had to transfer it with FTP & filezilla to PS3 HDD to get it work. It took a while (but just make sure you connect wired not wireless or it will take effing ages)

    Good Luck!

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