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    naive1016 Guest

    Uncharted 2 Freezing help?

    I got Uncharted 2 USA version and I can't stop it from having the black screen with that dagger at the bottom right spinning. I have it on external and split the files using open split. I also deleted the PS3 Update folder in the game.

    Still don't know why its freezing. Using Open Manager 1.6 and my HTC HD2 with Hermes 3.

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    chomps268 Guest
    I would just reccomend putting it on your internal. This game has been having issues running off externals since the beginning and I don't think it's gonna be getting better any time soon.

    I beat the game off of the internal, and only had one problem. It froze once towards the end of the game... But luckily it saved and I started off right where I left off.

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    brab Guest
    Yea copy it to internal... I've been playing with 0 problems the whole time...

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