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Thread: Unable to get valid PS3 backup help?

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    unknown92 Guest

    Unable to get valid PS3 backup help?

    hey guys, i was going to downgrade ps3 slim 2501A i switched the the 4th up and the rest down instead of the 3rd it was my bad now its bricked i soldered the wire to GND and console boots fine but no video for sure.

    i can't get valid dump to re-write it to my console and when i try to write the downgrade file (100001) it tells any me that my console not supported

    its on 4.46 OFW btw.

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    niwakun Guest
    I do hope that you verified your backup NOR/NAND before downgrading since the cause of it may be a bad contact/solder with the flasher and the flash chip. If you dont have a good backup NOR/NAND, sad to say its good as brick, specially the first 256KB of the dump which is very dedicated with each console.

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    1986panzi1986 Guest
    i downgrade PS3 4 or 3 console per week but i didnt even get this problem but i think try to soldered SBE to tristate and install back orginal dump in your ps3 and try to downgrade again. You need to have E3 nor dump checker v1.0 and PS3 Flash auto patch v4.46a by rogero. it easy you don't need dongle but you must be on 4.46 OFW

    check video here:

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    racer0018 Guest
    What is the model of your ps3? Thanks.

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    unknown92 Guest
    Thanks for reply guys but i tried everything and its not my first i done 100+ consoles before but that was my bad i switched the 4th switch (OB BACKUP) to backup instead the 3rd switch (REGULAR BACKUP) when i noticed that i stopped the progress and switched the 3rd to make backup but my backup seems bad not valid at all scanned it using bWe app.

    racer my model is 2501A.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Seeing you had switch 4 up, have you just tried to update the flasher again, then try a backup again.

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