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    SnoopDo2G Guest

    Arrow "Un-Make" / "Decompile" .hex file ?

    Can anyone help me to un make an .hex file please ? And/or tell me how to do it within' windows/ubuntu if possible ?

    Thanks !

    i basically need to change the board settings in the Make file... so it could have the latest update for psgroove patched.

    it needs to be like that:

    CC1101-USB-Lite 868MHz (CUL):
    MCU = atmega32u4
    F_CLOCK = 8000000

    Thanks a lot !

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    ac1d Guest
    You don't need to, you just have to ask someone to compile one for you with that settings.

    I can do it if you want.

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    Oh alright then, if you could please make one with the settings above thanks ! or anyone that can do it.

    (the latest psgroove patched and with payloads etc... thanks !!!!)

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    ac1d Guest
    It is untested (cause i haven't your board) but should work ok.

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