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    Delita Guest

    Un-Geohoting PS3 3.55 help?

    I want to install 3.55jb to my console but had one concern: if that causes any future problem whatsoever, can I uninstall it or re-upgrading to the original 3.55 by Sony? Thanks

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    ChaseHammer Guest
    yes, you can simply go into recovery mode and reinstall ofw3.55 and it will override it.

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    smackedgnome Guest
    if you follow the guides you should have problem putting geo's 3.55 on and you can always go bk to OFW 3.55 by using recovery mode so its safe!

    just one thing mite be an idea to disable your internet connection via xmb cuz of all the banning rumors but it's up to you.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Yes you can, you install the original 3.55 firmware from Sony's playstation's Website and you update it thru the recovery menu of the PS3.

    Same Process as Jailbreaking, you put the Official Firmware on your flashdrive, and you go to the Recovery Menu of the ps3 and you update it from there.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Lets hope the sneaky little men have not changed that FW to 6.0 but still calling it 3.55

    Thats what I would do. Don't forget their slowly sinking, the gloves are off now.

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