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    gokuz Guest

    Ultimate ninja storm 2 SAVE data help?

    Got it from here (gamefaqs.com/ps3/982706-naruto-shippuden-ultimate-ninja-storm-2/saves) but it wont work, it says user info is not the same. Tried the unlocking attribute process but it says its not unlocked. How do i use this save game thanks!

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    genius312 Guest
    make your save game yourself or modify the trophies !

    I suggest you make the story, it's very nice !

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    gokuz Guest
    yeah, but there are some characters which are very hard to unlock. Trust me, HARD. AND time consuming. So could anyone help with save files?

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    genius312 Guest
    There is a tuto that explain how to gain all trophies to Platinium .. That normally unlock everything !!


    Give it a try !

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    gokuz Guest
    well i know i'm not gonna mark that as the best answer. Thanks for the help anyway.. Anyone else could help me get the save file working would be great!

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    genius312 Guest
    There is no better answer !! If you get all the trophies, you unlock everything !


    Quotes: "All ninja assemble!
    You can now use all characters.

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