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    hacked2123 Guest

    uLaunchELF won't run, 60GB via SM3.8 help?

    I can't get uLaunchELF to run via my PS3. I have done it a million times before but it won't work now

    I tried multiple flash drives, I've tried FAT, FAT32, I've tried 480P, I've tried uncrompressed/regular, I've tried /SWAPMAGIC/SWAPMAGIC.elf, I've tried several versions including 4.12. I'm on firmware 3.41...but that shouldn't be why its not working.

    Anyone got any ideas why it's not working? (It doesn't even look like its trying to read the flash drives )

    Edit: NVM! It was the second flash drives fault.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    Edit: NVM! It was the second flash drives fault.
    Way to solve your own problem hacked2123!

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