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Thread: Ubuntu Running on 3.21 video real or fake ?

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    gregy0 Guest

    Ubuntu Running on 3.21 video real or fake ?

    Can anyone verify if this is legit ? I mean i see it but ?? lol

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    daGraveR Guest
    Looks like he's just running a video that shows Ubuntu starting up and running...

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    Tattva Guest
    I don't think it's real ... If it was you could read something about it on many according sites I guess...

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    Zerotacg Guest
    I'd vote fake, cause he's starting a video which lasts ~50s acording to the info shown in the XBM and he's only showing ubuntu for not more then 50s.

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    SCE Guest
    Why fake videos are always posted by newbies? Ironic isn't it?

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    gregy0 Guest

    Big Grin

    you never know until you ask lol

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    SCE Guest
    Sorry for second post but: Went to his blog, says:
    ps3 ubuntu 3.21 work! - Designed to tease Sony, Because The latest update 3.21.
    No CFW, nothing to prove it... Total fake until he releases his non-existing method

    Anyway, wait a lil bit for Mr Geo.

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    TUHTA Guest
    fake, lolol

    Really awesome.. Guy is really funny.


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    neoxxx Guest
    Lol... just a nice video

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    dondolo Guest
    100% fake waiting for something real.

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