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    SCE Guest
    This guy and the french guy lulu have same problems:

    They simply does not have the ability to produce quality fake videos like Zpack

    They should learn some from the creator of Zpack He has even thought the debugging thing man! LOL

    And just like lulu, he keeps posting fake videos over and over to prove how dumbass he is

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    dondolo Guest
    the guy has posted a new versione of the video, i continue to believe it's fake

    looking on demohades i found a link to this page: crisisx-ps3.blogspot.com

    first post says someting like this:
    The publicly ps3 version of ubuntu is Download
    It is important that you file on the usb Data.jar move!
    It is important Data.jar That You put on the usb!

    Otherwise it Does Not
    i'm just reporting to the site, i still believe that is all a GIANT FAKE

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    laggmaster Guest
    lol oh no SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) is here nobody tell him about the wicked WMV linux boot he will make sony block out WMVs.

    see i can make things up too and mine is more beliveable than these videos. oh yeah dondolo that video was posted in the first post last night before you got here.

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    dondolo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by laggmaster View Post
    oh yeah dondolo that video was posted in the first post last night before you got here.
    sorry for double posting.. i haven't noticed that

  5. #25
    mushy409 Guest
    What a pleb

    Why waste your time on crap like this? Why not stick to collecting bogeys or something like you're good at?

  6. #26
    moneymaker Guest
    Ohhh... nice to see how many ones doesn't have any even minimal sense of humor... IT'S OBVIOUSLY running a video, it takes too much to understand the sarchasm behind this video ?

    Can I recommend to some Sherlock ones here to abuse of some bread and fox for breakfast ...?

  7. #27
    PxSxWx Guest
    it's fake, should make a save game exploit to load linux like psp did for gta lcs or another tiff image to do that.

  8. #28
    shummyr Guest
    its a fake, but a pretty comical fake at that.

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