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    Jan 2010
    you couldn't accept something serious, if you can't even understand that he's running a video...

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    Feb 2010
    is that youtube user a retard or something? wow so he has FW 3.21 and was able to run a video of linux booting. hes got mad skillz.

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    i think the guy who made the youtube video was joking, coz if he's not then probably that was the worse fake video i've ever seen!

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    Agree. Thats a super fake video. Hahaha. Ahh.

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    Dec 2007
    its easy to capture a video of a linux distro booting if you are running the linux in a virtual machine. no big deal...

    it's a real video. but the linux is not running in the ps3. boot linux from the video folder... lol

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    Best video ever - I can easily run Ubunto on my PS3 (if i updated to 3.21) too - by simply playing a video of it loading! hahaha

    Quality - anyone who thinks this is REALLY ubunto actually loading on a 3.21 PS3 needs to get their eye's tested! lol

    Had a crap day today, this has really cheered me up just because it REALLY does show linux on 3.21 (albeit a VIDEO of linux!)


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    Jan 2010
    i havent touched the ps3 for half a year, but is this guy teasing someone's IQ? even a 10 year old can see he is clicking on a video file called Ubuntu. He messed up his own fake creations by letting people know which application he went to ROFL.

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    Feb 2010
    haha, that's hilarious. I checked it out not knowing what everyone was laughing at... and then I saw him flip to the video section... bahahaha! Great for a laugh!

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    Just watched bolth videos and let me say what a retard he obviously doesn't know much about the ps3... if he did he would have said he found a security hole in the .MP4 file format or even the .M2TS format. lol i could make a better video from his footage... his real problem he should have had a better story. i mean you can get a lot of people to belive you if you have a good enough story and a decent video... shouldn't have zoomed in so much, he could have blurred his MAC address.

    the funny thing is this reminds me of psp videos from back in the day.

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    Dec 2008
    He fails. Why do they waste time in this kind of things. Do they pay you to submit fake stuff?

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