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    gambiiii Guest

    TV shows no signal when trying to jailbreak

    Hi, I am trying to jailbreak my ps3 slim 120 gb with my iphone 2g. I am following the instructions, but when I press start and eject, my PS3 doesnt send any signals to my TV via HDMI. If I power it on as usual, everything works perfect, any suggestions? Thanks!

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    ricopico Guest
    When you jailbrake, it takes about 5 seconds longer to boot the ps3. In the meantime whilst the phone/dongle is doing its business, the ps3 doesnt send a tv signal.

    Not sure why your ps3 isnt ever sending a signal.

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    patholi Guest
    Sometimes i have the same problem.. all i can say is that you have to try a few times, in order to get a signal

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    gambiiii Guest
    It is working now, I had the timing wrong with the unplug/insert usb after the 6 lines, thanks.

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