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Thread: Tutorial on how to use PS3 FTP?

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    0odama Guest

    Tutorial on how to use PS3 FTP?

    Can someone please give me a tutorial on this and how to backup games to the internal hardrive using FTP and do it w/o having the eboot.bin error please and thank you.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Taken from another forum: First you need to download the PS3-FTP-Server.pkg file. Then download FileZilla, you can google this.
    • Place the PS3-FTP-Server.pkg on an external
    • Turn on your PS3 with the dongle in, using whichever way you normally use depending on your PS3
    • When your PS3 starts up plug in the external
    • Make sure your PS3 is hooked up to the internet, wired or wireless(DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.2) You don't have to be signed into your profile you just want to make sure your PS3 has internet access
    • Now go to Install Packages under the games tab, Install PS3-FTP-Server
    • Once finished it will have it's own icon, like the Backup Manager, start up FTP Server App by clicking on it
    • Now you will be on the main page, at the top is the IP Address you will need and the Port, which will be 21.
    • Hit Start and now is the time to go to your PC
    • Start up FileZilla
    • At the top is: Host, Username, Password, Port, Quickconnect

    Host: (IP ADDRESS that is listed on the PS3-FTP-Server APP)
    Username: FTPD12345
    Password: (Leave Blank)
    Port: 21
    Then hit Quickconnect
    • It will now detect your PS3 (I had a couple errors when I first tried but just kept retrying until it got it, then it never gave me a problem after that)

    • The files are now listed on the right side, then one you want is "dev_hdd0" Double click it

    1. Themes go in: dev_hdd0/theme
    2. Games go in: dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ (If you don't have a GAMEZ folder inside LAUN12345, right click and create directory: GAMEZ)

    • Now you can put your games inside of there just drag and drop the one big folder inside of there.
    • At the bottom is Queued files, Failed transfers, Successful transfers
    • Make sure every file goes to the Succesful transfer section
    • If any go into Failed transfers right click on it and hit Reset to queue (bottom option)

    If ever at the top it disconnects you or says Connection Failed, go to your PS3, hit Stop Server, then right after hit Start again, and it should restart the connection.
    You can also try hitting Quickconnect again, and choose the Abort option(Bottom option)

    Tip: Inside of Edit -> Settings -> Connection -> FTP, Change Passive to Active, just click it. After doing this I never have gotten another disconnect at all yet, and it seems to go a bit faster transferring

    Hope you like the tut, I know it's not very pretty and long, but I tried to do it very basic and lay it all out there. Let me know if I missed anything!

    Not my tutorial but a pretty good one indeed!

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