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    Question [UnAnswered] tutorial on backup copies of ps3 games

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    where can i find a tutorial on making backup copies of ps3 games. most sites give you brief information but i cant find one actually telling you what you have to do.

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    You can either use PS3 SAK or Linux. The SAK STICKY is in the PS3 Chat Forum, and the Linux method is detailed here: http://ps3.ps4news.com

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    how i can copy ps2 games?

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    You really should use a different thread as this one discusses PS3 backups, not PS2. Anyway, just use DVD Decrypter, Nero, or similar software... the PC/Tech Support section has a STICKY thread on the process.

    Here it is: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/pc-tec...orials-48.html

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    when you use that tut for backing up your games are you able to still play online using them?

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    For PS2: Yes, as long as you patch the DNAS on them as instructed here: http://on-line.ps4news.com/

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    But does that or will that also work for the PS3?

    which one is better the SAK or LINUX?
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    If you use the PS2 back-up method on PS3 detailed HERE and patch your Disc IDs you should be fine playing online.

    Regarding SAK or Linux, neither are needed for PS2 games (you seem to be jumping around here) but it's all personal preference really.

    Some don't want to install PS3 Linux (which can take well over an hour) just to dump games and prefer to use SAK, and others vice-versa because they want to do more in PS3 Linux.

    You really need to give each a try and see which you like better.

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    Sorry for jumping around. Another question, do I need a special cdrom drive or burner do make backups?

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    For PS2, most DVD-R burners these days will work... a few are DVD9 media, but not the majority.

    For PS3, I really wouldn't recommend burning the images to Blu-ray discs yet primarily because:

    1) Blu-ray media is quite expensive still
    2) they likely will need to be patched prior to burning them
    3) there is no way to play PS3 back-ups on retail consoles yet
    4) when there is a way, it may be via HDD so no burning would be necessary

    As for which PC drive reads PS3 discs, currently the only confirmed one I'm aware of is the one I own- the Lite-On DH-401S.


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