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    elser1 Guest

    Turtle beach px 21 head phones fix help?

    i have a pair of turlte beach px21s well dpx 21s but they dont work well. the problem is on the control box wires. i think a wire may be broken where the wires join to the volume control and etc box, as i can get them to work if i twist the wires into postition until they work then tape the wire down. lol

    it sort of reminds me of when the headphone jack breaks on a walkman. yes im old LOL so my idea to fix is to cut the wires and then reattach close to the solder point (insde the box). does anyone ever fixed or encountered this problem before.any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    if not i will try and if it doesnt work then ill just try resoldering..im not confident as i havent soldered for years,and never soldered electronics,only metal work etc.. if my explaination of problem is not clear i can do a small video if it help.. thanks

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    mushy409 Guest
    Can you stick up some pics if possible?

    From the sounds of it, yes you may have a broken solder joint. Problem with headphones is the conductors tend to break inside the wire (only one headphone works) and the only real fix is to strip out and replace the damaged cable (easy to do with a multimeter)

    As i say, stick up some pics or a vid and I'll try and help you

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    elser1 Guest
    thanks mushy, here is some photos: http://www.mediafire.com/?6ken3wpjk7diu

    note where the needle is pointing is where i think there may be the problem. i have to bend it and move it around the casing till its works.it will all work or nothing too.

    sorry the photos aren't best quality the camera couldn't seem to get a close up of the solder points.. operator error. lol

    ps all solder points LOOK good to me. theres nothing obvious.

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