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Thread: Turn PS3 into Media Center, need advice

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    Krazyxazn Guest

    Turn PS3 into Media Center, need advice

    I recently purchased the MGS4 bundle and was thinking of turning the PS3 into a media center (movies and etc). Thinking of picking up a sound system to finally hear the big fuss over 7.1 LPCM.

    I'm wondering:
    1. What file system type does the internal PS3 hard drive use?

    2. Does the cable fall out easily (the end thats inside the PS3) if I replace the 2.5" internal HD with a 3.5" HD that will sit outside of the PS3.

    3. Is it possible to transfer ripped hd movies from PC to PS3 HD over network and what program should I use? Is there a file size limit to that? As in a limit to how big a single media file size can be.

    4. What would be a good program to convert my anime/movies (mkv, avi and etc.) into PS3 supported formats?

    5. Which OS is better at video playback: Ubuntu (with media player) or PS3 default OS?

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    IanJ Guest

    There are lots of threads on this. Search for twonky media and tversity. You don't need to convert the movies using these programs it will stream nicely over wired and wireless networks. With the latest firmwares you can play a greater variety of codecs for the need for transcoding is less (most of the content i download is xvid or divx which can be played natively).

    If you can't stream for any reason then look at a USB drive for storing your media on. This needs to be a FAT32 drive and are available cheaply. There are several threads in the PS3 HDD forum discussing the internal drive structure. It is not a widely available format.

    I use a linksys nslu2 (SLUG) with custom firmware to stream my media using Twonky. It's a low cost option which works excellently and can be left on all the time with little noise or power consumption. I just need to spend some time figuring out how to get a torrent client running properly and it'll be perfect.

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    Krazyxazn Guest
    I bought a 3.5" WD AAKS 400gb SATA2 16mb Hard drive today with a Sata/Sata external exclosure. I plan on using it with my PS3 to store all my video and music on there. Whenever we have a family gathering I usually bring one of my consoles to play with the other kids. A few years ago I used to use my modded Xbox with a bunch of movies and games. Now its the modded Wii and now I want it to be the HD super media center PS3. Almost everyone in my family has atleast 1-2 HDTV so stealing one to hook up the PS3 should be easy.

    I want to have my media to go wherever my PS3 goes. Since I can't bring my PC to stream somewhere else. So converting and storing on my HD is the method I'm gonna go with.

    Found the answers for the 1st 3 questions, just need these to be answered.

    4. What would be a good program to convert my anime/movies (mkv, avi and etc.) into PS3 supported formats?

    5. Which OS is better at HD video playback: Ubuntu (with media player) or PS3 default OS?

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    Tricknosis Guest
    I am trying to make use of my Playstation 3 as well as a Media Center. I have a copy of Nero 7 Ultra and I am trying to make use of Nero MediaHome. I keep getting a DLNA protocol error code 2006 even though my PS3 finds the Media Server.

    The second problem is even though it finds the Server. It shows nothing on the server even after setting MediaHome up.

    My PS3 is tied into CAT 6 hardwired connection as well as my media server. I have my laptop and my PSP which gets their link via wireless connection. Anybody have any ideas why Media Server won't work.


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    Krazyxazn Guest
    To answer my #4, I found a program called PS3 Video 9, I cut out a 1 min clip from one of my animes and messed around with a few of its encoding settings. Will transfer them to my PS3 later today to test it out.

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    IanJ Guest
    Tricknosis try using Tversity instead. I went with Nero for a while but it had all sorts of problems. (Search the threads for more info)

    Krazyxazn... check out the linux forum for VLC info. Personally I'd just use the XMB if you are converting anyway (Linux on PS3 still doesn't like anything bigger than 4gb I believe so your massive MKV's will still be a problem).

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