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    wuldfasche Guest

    Exclamation Turn off stupid ps3 music visuals?

    I find music visuals SO annoying... Unless someone has spike my drink at a party.

    I am trying to listen to music in a dark room and not be distracted by bright swirling psychedelic lights.

    How the hell do you turn off the music visuals when you playback music on the ps3? I'd prefer the whole screen was turned off. i.e power save.

    Is this possible. If not - why not?



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    rpr101 Guest
    hey. if your looking to turn off the visuals you are able to push the ps button while the music is playing and it will take you to your ps home and from there u can just be looking at your regular theme and scroll through you pics if u want.. or you can just leave it like that so you will only be seeing your theme.

    so by pushing ps button you will go to main menu with music still playing in background while O takes you to menu but stops music. i do this when i want to listen to music and reply to my messages or look at my pictures i hope that helped bye

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