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    Trying to unbrick my PS3 help?

    i am trying to unbrick my ps3, it went wrong during patching with the rogero update. i got something like a ylod, after searching i found out that i could unbrick it if i have a valid backup of my bios. i am not a pro with this so i was searching for a tutorial how to do this.

    hopefully you guys here could help me with this problem.

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    Feb 2008
    You should have done a backup of Nor/Nand before messing with anything. What exactly is your PS3 doing after trying what Rogero update?

    Be more specific in steps you have taken and or error messages. You will get better help.

    What CFW were you on previously, what were you updating too and exactly what has happened since.

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    Feb 2010
    If you can access recovery mode *crossing fingers*

    Try and update to 4.30 Rogero CFW from recovery mode

    Please post back

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    If you have a flasher hook it up and then dump the ps3. And then post back if it works. Thanks.

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    Hey racer, just checking the status of that board... it's been like almost another 2 months.

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    dump the flash
    patch the flash (coreos)
    write back and do the downgrade again...

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