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    Krisdog Guest

    Trying to swap out FW update on new games help?

    I have been out of the loop for a minute with work. Now I'm back and want to back up the new stuff CoD, Fallout, ect. I have been reading and can't quite put it together. Some times the acronyms are confusing to me. And I'm sure a lot of other noobs would appreciate this question. Now I'm not ignorant to modding, but I could use a quick "lay-mans" version on how to swap out update files.

    I'm using Blackcat modchip, psgrooves v4, hermes v4b and OPM 2.1g.

    I also installed the new multimanager, but have doubles of all my back ups. I went to delete my OPM 2.1 but went I checked the file information for OPM 2.1 it was 486gb. Which tells me its not a good idea to delete. I have deleted OPM in the past and not lost games but tooooo much time has went into my backups

    Basically my Q is

    1. Idiots version on how to get around 3.42/3.50 update
    2. Why is multimanager showing two of all games
    3. I want to play this black ops REALLY BAD!!!

    A thousand thank yous to those who leave a detailed response. May your children children be blessed with money, health and lustrous heads of hair!

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    modmate Guest

    1. Right now you can just edit the param.sfo file from your game. This works for 3.42 games if you change the FW string 3.42 to 3.41. For 3.5 games its a bit more tricky and you`ll need a debug Update eboot.bin to get it work. Like with Black ops.

    2. Sry never use that manager. Use the latest OM 2.1I-2

    3. http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...ak-114891.html

    Greets Modmate

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