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    Trying to remarry PS3 bd drive help?

    This may be a question that has been asked before so forgive me if it has. what do I need to extract the files from the 3.30 ofw downloaded from this site. I am new to all this and just want blu ray and games to play on my CECHE01mg. Please help.

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    If you still have the original control board for the old drive just switch out the control boards and there is no remarrying. If you don't then the easiest way is to be on 3.55 or lower and run the remarry package in service mode and it will remarry. But if your ps3 is on firmware 3.56 or higher then you will have to downgrade and then remarry. Thanks.

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    I do not have the original board but I have a working drive and board out of another mg. I am currently running kmeaw 3.55 for the very reason of remerrying but was having trouble finding the 3.30 ofw to do that until I found it here. The problem I am having now is I don't know what I need to extract the downloaded ofw files to work as a pup file if I need anything at all. I hope that made sense. Thanks.

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    I don't think you extract anything from the OFW 3.30, unless I am reading something different. You just need the whole PUP file. - Read Remarry guide for 3.55 firmware

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    I am new so you are probably reading correctly I speaking wrong. I am confused about the 3.30 ofw I downloaded from here. I have been downloading pup and rar files and the I get here and it says bytes. Thats where I am getting stuck. I have the guide but thanks for the link cause its better than the one I had.

    Need help. I'm into fsm. Have everything set up on usb as per guide, and nothing. The ps3updat.pup is the ofw I downloaded from here and did nothing to it other than rename it and transer to usb. Am I doing something wrong?

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    maybe try downloading it again it should say .pup

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    Just tried and it downloaded as a rar. Tried to extract and it says archive is either in unknown format or damaged. I tried this with winrar and 7zip. Is there another place to get the 3.30 ofw?

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    Follow this guide here and this link for the firmware 3.30

    Thanks and let me know if you have any problems.

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    Will this work with kmeaw 3.55 or do I need to put it back to the OFW?

    The reason I ask is, everytime I get to the fsm and start the process screen just goes black.

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    It will work with Cfw 3.55. I know the guide works I just used it to remarry one, the pictures are in here

    Of me doing a remarry on a ps3 I downgraded so you know what it should look like, it is post 94. Thanks

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