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    tripellex Guest

    Trying to get caught up on PS3 help?

    Hey all, longtime member here returning to the fold after a long absence. I've sporadically kept track of what's going on with the scene for the past year, but haven't really kept up with all the recent happenings. I have a few questions I'm hoping some of the more active, in-the-know folks can answer. Since the lv0 keys have finally been released...

    1. How close are we to having the PS3 completely blown wide open, with no more hidden secrets?

    2. Now that v0's been leaked, whats the possibility of having both CFW and homebrew that are signed as authentic software and could be installed on a stock 2XXX or lower system without any need for downgrading/hacking/jailbreaking?

    3. I'm running a 2XXX slim on OFW 4.30 and have a complete backup of all of my dev_flash files from when I was on 3.55 CFW a year ago....what are my options for getting back into modding my system, preferrably without having to get a flasher?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has the patience to help get me back up to speed.

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    G Sus Guest
    at the moment you need to be on 3.55 to do anything whether you decide going down the dex route or even 4.25 rogero cfw.
    still need to be on 3.55 or below and theres no way at current to downgrade without a hardware flasher.

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