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Thread: Trying to fix PS3 brick using PSP jig help?

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    atko Guest

    Trying to fix PS3 brick using PSP jig help?

    I'm getting the 5 beeps of death when going back from CEX to DEX. I'm using the psp jig but its only getting me so far.

    Using my psp i can get this far:

    On the PS3:

    2. Switch off ps3 from power cord
    3. Put the USB Dongle with service mode payload in the right usb port
    4. Put power cord in the console
    5. Press power button followed quickly with eject button, the console should boot, and then reboot. (if the beeps continue it's normal)
    6. Remove service dongle
    7. Put the USB Pen with the 2 files inside in the right usb port
    8. Power on the PS3. If all went well you shall see the ps3 reading stuff in the usb pen, and the hard drive of ps3 working, wait for the console to power off

    On step 8 i'm still getting the 5 beeps even though the jig has worked. What am i doing wrong? I've put the files onto a usb stick but the ps3 doesn't seem to be reading it. Its annoying me now

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    kotnaphaha Guest
    a download for psp

    lv2diag.self: you have two versions, one for exiting one for entering the Factory Service Mode, (for downgrading or upgrading between 3.15 and 3.55 you have another lv2diag.self)

    this program is only for 3.15 to 3.55 and it is for entering and exiting FSM (exiting also can be done with a usb stick and the "exit" lv2diag.self)

    you can solve RSOD with that... un bricking

    if you want to switch between 3.15 and 3.55 (or any between) you have to take the "DGF" files (Downgrader Files) (DGF.rar mostly)

    edit: i am talking about cex

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    niwakun Guest
    common symptom for NAND console going back from DEX to CEX.

    I'm telling you, once you are going back to CEX, you can't as of writing this message and you will get a permanent brick, flashing back your DEX flash backup won't do anything anymore.

    Only NOR PS3 can do switch between CEX and DEX firmware.

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