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Thread: Troubles with PS Jailbreak Dongle help?

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    RFLGuedes Guest

    Troubles with PS Jailbreak Dongle help?

    Hi, you guys seem be well informed about this, I'm in need of some help with my USB pen.

    I'm with the following problem:

    1-I've bought a PS Jailbreak from an authorized reseller
    2-Unboxed, downloaded upgrade software from the website
    3-Detected serial number on USB (so it must be kosher), flashed the pen with latest version successfully
    4-tried to jailbreak ps3, but my idiot brother had done the latest upgrade (3.55) without asking, so the jailbreak failed
    5-After the fail, I connected the pen back to the pc to repeat the upgrade (didn't check the firmware version at this point on the ps3... duuh)

    From this point on, whenever the pen is plugged into the pc, I get the famous two lights on, "unknown device", can't upgrade driver, no dongle connected troubles, so I can't update it (when I was supposed to, specially to switch between jailbreak and downgrade mode), I can't do anything to the dongle. I also have no idea if the pen is working properly on the ps3...

    I've tested the pen on two different pcs (both running windows 7) and on one windows xp box. I got the same problem every time.

    As an additional note, my pen is the full metal one with epoxy on the led section. I am willing to try the bridge contact trick, can anyone explain how I can open the metal casing without risking to damage the pen?

    In a nutshell, I can't flash my dongle anymore or change it's mode (downgrade/jailbreak), I don't know why and what to do to fix it

    Thanks in advance for helping out!

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    barrybarryk Guest

    If your stick won't flash anymore and you're sure it's legit take it up with the PS Jailbreak team, they got enough of your money for it so they'll sort the stick.

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