Hi everyone!

I need some help here. My ps3 is hooked to a monitor thzt doesn't support 576i but 720p is perfect and when using 1080p you can't see the whole picture (the left part is missing, obviously because that monitor's max resolution is 1680*1050)

I'm using HDFury Gaming edition to hook HDMI to VGA.

Then I want to play a ps2 game (FF 12, but I tried with others). The screen goes black, I hear the ps2 logo sound, but my monitor keeps telling me "Input not supported"! I tried to go in settings, to change the upscalling options... Nothing works there! Fullscreen goes "Input not supported" and normal the same....

It even seems that games don't really launch as I don't hear any sounds besides the logo one. I am hooked with optical cable for sound,that may also come from this, but i need help and/or info please.

Am I screwed on that part because of my monitor (or my setup)? Does anyone has any idea about this?