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Thread: Trouble Coldbooting Demo unit to Standby help?

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    Claylindquist Guest

    Trouble Coldbooting Demo unit to Standby help?

    I am having trouble putting my Demo into standby. I have fallowed the directions as instructed. I am following Haksam's guide

    - Put a disc into the drive (it can be ANY disc, also works with a blank CD-R)
    - Turn the power switch off (the flip switch behind the left corner of the console)
    - Turn it back on until you see the disc read blue light flash 1-2 times then turn the power off again

    This did not work. I have tried hundreds of times with many variations in timing. The only time I was able to get the PS3 not to auto boot was to switch the power on and off very quickly at the flashing Blue light. I then get a few beeps and a flashing red light. But this is not working.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you

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    Claylindquist Guest
    Can anyone post a video of how to put a demo into standby mode so I can SEE what you are doing?


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