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    [UnAnswered] Transferring Photos, Music Videos, Movies, and Music to a 20Gig ps3?

    Hey everyone, alright... I bought a 20gig ps3 not realizing that the 20gig doesn't have the option of the card readers and it kind of pissed me off because I wanted to put photos and everything on it so I could view them on my 42" Hitachi Plasma (BEAUTIFUL TV/SCREEN I might add )

    Anyways, How can I go about putting photos on this 20gig ps3, as well as music videos and music. I know I can rip CDs to it or something....

    I tried connecting my ipod to it via USB and it doesn't see music/videos/photos either... Any help would be REALLY appreciated...


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    Hit triangle and goto display while your selecting your ipod and you'll be able to see all the folders on your ipod.
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    so it will work for photos on the ipod and all that as well?

    I'm watching trailer park boys dvds on my dvd player right now so i can't check it out just this second...

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    ill be testing that soon, just to add, you'd think sony would have put a couple (or just 1) USB port in the back :S looks cleaner that way.

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    As long as your pics and stuff are in the appropriate folders on your external device (iPod) the PS3 should read it


    must be in all caps for these folder names. I have an Archos500 which I use and it seems to work fine.

    Also you can create a personal web server and transfer files from you main computer using Red Kawas File server (google) it is easy to use and works well, but you can only transfer 1 file at a time much like a web browser, so it's only really useful for firmware and movies..

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    i put music and photos on my 20gig ps3 by using my psp with the usb connection.

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    the ps3 FAQ says the unit should also be able to read data dvd-/+rs as well as cdrs ive gotten the cdrs to work an show my files but not the dvds also there is no "display all" option for data discs

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    Thumb drives

    Maybe I overlooked it but I didnt see anyone mention thumb drives as a transfer option.

    I personally prefer Red Kawa Media Center, can't wait till they get the mucis player working so you wont have to transfer files at to the PS3. The photo slide show kinda works.

    It still baffles me that Sony wouldnt jut build a feature like this in to the PS3 why let a 3rd party company get all the fame. Could have been a big selling point I mean it is the only reason most people really kept thier X Boxs.

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